Finding System Preferences & Using System Settings in MacOS Ventura

  • 5 December 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz

System Preferences has been replaced by System Settings in MacOS Ventura, and it’s quite a change not only in name but in how the system control panels are navigated, and also where many preferences, settings, and toggles are located.

You can access the new System Settings from the  Apple menu just the same, but once you get there, it’s very different than what you may be accustomed to as a longtime Mac user. It looks like Apple copy and pasted the iPhone Settings directly onto the Mac, and the change can be jarring to some.

If you like scrolling through text lists of settings and toggles rather than using long established visual cues and familiar icons to navigate, you will really appreciate the all new and improved System Settings in MacOS Ventura.

Some users may be confused or bothered by the System Settings interface in MacOS Ventura, however, so we’re going to provide some tips on how you can better navigate and utilize the System Preferences replacement.


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2 replies

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Read the “Comments” in the above article. Not many Happy Campers with the change in System Preferences on macOS Ventura.

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Trying to match iOS / IPadOS and not quite nailing it. 

A computer is used for different tasks than a tablet or smartphone and many want their settings to reflect this

ive got used to it already though. It is what it is!