First Antivirus Software and First Virus Discovered

  • 30 May 2013
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I am truly impressed with the wealth of knowledge we have on this forum, and our members input is priceless. Here is another question relevant to security.
1.) Who or whom developed the first antivirus software and when?
2.)When was the first virus discovered and what was the name of it?
3. And finally what was the first malware to be discovered and when?

2 replies

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Given my history, I really should know the answers to these!  Good trivia questions!  I will be honest and play fair though, I won't look it up.  I am pretty sure I knew these answers in the past.. but it was a LONG time ago!
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I was checking some of my older notes yeas back and there was a lot of controversy on whom and what virus was discovered. It was said a person by the name of Bernd Fix discovered a virus called  Vienna back in the late 80's....however I am not sure if this is 100% correct.