Five setup tips for Apple's new MacBook Air

  • 22 June 2013
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For the past couple of months, prospective MacBook buyers, especially those looking for a slim MacBook Air, have been holding off on purchases, waiting to see what Apple had in store for its annual WWDC keynote.
While the new 11-inch and 13-inch Airs look and feel a lot like the previous couple of generations, the internal components have been upgraded with new, and incredibly energy efficient, CPUs, leading to battery life scores in excess of Apple's estimated 12 hours for the 13-inch version.
Because of that great battery life, you can bet that plenty of new MacBooks were ordered in the days immediately following the June 10 WWDC keynote. And while those first system should be arriving now (and they're already available to purchase in-store), that doesn't mean your new MacBook is perfectly set up as soon as you take it out of the box.
Whenever I get a new MacBook in for testing and review, there are certain default settings that drive me crazy, and a few optional features that should be turned on right away. These are the first tweaks I perform to get a MacBook set up just right. Obviously, some hard-core Apple fans will disagree, claiming that their laptops come perfectly configured from the factory and that these suggestions are heretical at best. If you've got further initial setup tips, share them in the Comments section below.
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