Fix “Confirm Mac Password” to Keep Using iCloud in System Settings

  • 29 December 2022
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 by: Paul Horowitz


Some Mac users have discovered a “Confirm Mac Password” message in System Settings or System Preferences on their Mac, and while it can appear at random, it often shows up soon after installing a system software update. For example, perhaps you recently installed macOS Ventura 13.1 onto a Mac and now you see the “Confirm MacBook Pro Password” message in System Settings. 

The full message reads something like “Confirm your device passcode to keep using iCloud. This passcode also protects access to data stored in iCloud”.

Finding this message requesting you to confirm the device passcode within the  Apple menu > System Settings is a legitimate message, and it’s easy to resolve for the majority of situations.


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1 reply

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Often see this message and it’s annoying. I understand why it’s there though. 

From my experience the logging out of iCloud then log back in is the solution. But certainly worth following the steps in this article.