Forget the Facebook Like now Google wants us to use hand gestures to share our favourite things

  • 19 October 2013
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Victoria Woollaston wrote:
Facebook may be to blame for turning the word Like into a verb, but Google is set to take this a step further.
According to a new patent filed by the internet giant, Google wants its Glass wearers to like brands, products and locations simply by making a heart shape with their hands.
A camera on the headmounted device scans and recognises the item being liked and stores its details in a list of favourites, which can then be shared.
A patent filed in the U.S. shows Google's plans to let its Glass users generate a like by creating a heart shape with their hands in front of real-life objects, pictured. The headmounted device would then scan the item to record that the wearer likes that particular brand, product or location
The patent is called 'Hand gestures to signify what is important' and was made public on Wednesday.
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