Fort Worth Becomes First U.S. City to Mine Bitcoin in Texas Crypto Boom

  • 29 April 2022
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Bitcoin miners like these located in Rockdale, Texas, could be in Forth Worth’s future.
Photo: Mark Felix (Getty Images)

By Kevin Hurler

A new pilot program running out of City Hall makes Fort Worth the first city in the U.S. to actively mine Bitcoin. An official press release from the city posted Tuesday reads:

Beginning today, the S9 Bitcoin mining machines will run 24/7 in the climate-controlled Information Technology Solutions Department Data Center located at Fort Worth City Hall, where they will be housed on a private network to minimize security risk.


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2 replies

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I wonder how many other cities will follow suit. Maybe this is just my naivete, but this seems to be a pretty inefficient way to raise money. It requires a large data center running at high load to mine crypto.


Hopefully they don’t fall for any of those crypto scams we’ve been posting! lol. 

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This makes no sense to me. Thats a lot of energy to burn. Yes they pay for it but its hardly good for the enviroment. They are bound to cock it up anyway.