Google faces European privacy probe

  • 3 April 2013
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European data watchdogs target Google over privacy.
Six European data protection agencies are contemplating legal action over Google's privacy policy.
The threat comes as a four-month deadline to change the policy expires with Google making "no change" to the policy. Google's perceived failure to act is being looked in to by data watchdogs in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK. In a statement, Google said its privacy policy "respects European law".
Footnote of the post originator:
Make up your own mind ... but for me, being an Europen, I am more concerned that the European Union is failing down the line, Greece and Cyprus are in deep crises and other countries like Italy and Spain are not so far off, unemployment grows across EU countries and so on than my privacy being held by Google. The moment I signed up for several Google accounts and services I admitted the fact that they will dispose with my data. However, believe me, I have hundreds of other worries ... Sorry, I had to, I am fed up of the EU.

1 reply

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The EU is desperate for money and they want to go after US based companies for a quick buck... 
Why can't they go after the banks that got them in that mess? 
These kinda practices that the EU is doing are going to make things more expensive for everyone. 
Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc are all going to have to increase product costs in order to recoop after the lawsuits. 
This will lead to people having less and less money to spend on other things and drastically impact thier economy more then they realize. 
The more the go after companies that really don't harm people as much as these tinfoil hatters belive, the worse products we get and the more expensive they become.