Google releases Chrome 28 with rich notifications and Blink rendering engine

  • 10 July 2013
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WEB BROWSER DEVELOPER Google has released Chrome 28 with richer notifications, the Blink rendering engine and a slew of security patches.
Google's Chrome 28 is the first stable release to include rich notifications from web services, including a number of Google's own services such as Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar. The firm
also paid out thousands in security fixes incorporated into Chrome 28, with Andrey Labunets netting $21,500 for finding a number of critical security vulnerabilities.
Aside from richer notifications, Google's Chrome 28 web browser is the first to use the Blink rendering engine. , the engine that Chrome and Apple's Safari web browser use, and Google had previously announced that it planned to fork the Webkit engineslowly morph it into something tailored to meet its needs.
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