Google wants schools to teach Chromebook repair classes

  • 4 February 2022
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Kids learn valuable skills and get to fix all the Chromebooks they break.

RON AMADEO - 2/4/2022


Hey kids! Want to help out your school and learn a bit about electronics repair at the same time? Google is launching a Chromebook repair program for schools. Chromebooks are wildly popular in schools due to their simple OS and easy management, but the hardware in any education environment really takes a beating. So why not learn to repair them yourself?

Google's new repair site has a guide on setting up Chromebook repair facilities, recommending schools set up a dedicated space for repairs, a front desk for "customers" to drop off broken devices and describe issues, and a skill-tracker board for students.


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3 replies

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Judging by how many get broken in schools this is a great idea.

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Cool idea!

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I love this idea. I once worked at a school that had a bunch of donated equipment students used to build equipment. Was a great way for them to learn the different components of a computer and how to put them together.


Such a great way for kids to get real world experience.