Graphics Ram Low and Impacting performance

  • 5 August 2017
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Hello all, I need some help. I have been reading about graphics ram low when running  system analyzer. However, this is a true performance imacting problem. My daughter streams allot. I am sure that she saves the videos as well. What can I do at this point to dramatically increase graphics ram performance. Do I go in and move all media content to a flash drive? What should I do?

1 reply

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Hi dmt4125
Welcome to the Community Forums.
Firstly, I have moved this thread to the Techie Forum as that seems to be the more relevant place for it as it is not directly related to WRSA. Hope that is OK?
Secondly, there are ways to tweak GPU performance but:
(i) that depends on what graphics chipset you are running, i.e., are the graphics onboard your CPU Intel HD Graphics Chips, etc., or do you have a separate, dedicated graphics card, and in that case what GPU powers that & what size of video RAM (vRAM) is included on the card itself, and
(ii) if the issue is really GPU RAM-related then in most cases the 'tweaks' will only marginally improve performance and most likely you will need to do one of two things depending on whether you have onboard graphics or a separate, dedicated graphics card.
In the case of the dedicated graphics card, which include their own video RAM (VRAM) I suspect that you will need to upgrade the card itself as I am not aware of any way to upgrade just the RAM element.
In the case of onboard graphics, that do not include separate RAM, you will need to increase the amount of the RAM on your motherboard, that graphics chip simply “reserves” and treats it as video RAM. And hence the need to know what CPU/onboard graphics you are running on your system, before more specific advice can be provided.
I hope that helps some and if you can provide the detail requested we should be able to provide som pointers, especially if you have onboard graphics.
Regards, Baldrick