How Do I Check the Battery on My iPad Pro Magic Keyboard?

  • 3 June 2022
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The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and iPad Air is a phenomenal accessory that takes the iPad to a new level by adding a great backlit keyboard, a great trackpad, and a nice design.

If you recently got a Magic Keyboard for your iPad, you may be wondering how long the keyboards battery lasts, how to charge it, and how to check the battery life of the Magic Keyboard. Certainly reasonable questions, particularly given that most keyboards have a battery. So you’ve dug around in the Settings, looked around in Battery, and there’s seemingly nothing anywhere about the battery life of the iPad Magic Keyboard, right?

And so here’s where you may be surprised; the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro and iPad Air does not have a battery at all.


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2 replies

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I have seen this question asked a number of times. How does it get power? Its “magic”!  😀

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Very clever engineering and does earn the name magic!