How do I do a deep & full scan ?

  • 4 December 2013
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I have had a significant amount of problems getting Trojan horses, foreign ISPs and having over 20,000 corrupted program files.  It even got through BitDefender.  So I got Webroot.  This cleaned up all of my problems.
However, 3 days after the problems are solved, I have another virus that is impacting my Outlook.
So I uninstalled Webroot and reloaded on my PC.  But the scan took less than 2 minutes.  Hardy enough time to remove the virus and surely what happened before.
Why can I not get a complete scan with Webroot???

1 reply

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Hello PaulHutt and  Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

That's about right a Deep Scan it the Default scan and takes about 2 minutes and looks in places where malware would hide but if you want to do a full scan please see here: and here: