How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Windows

  • 2 January 2022
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Photos taken with iPhone and iPad cameras make use of the HEIC file format, which is a high-efficiency image format for storing images. The key advantage of this format is largely reduced file size, which means you end up saving a lot of storage space. However, this comes at the cost of compatibility. Thus, some users may want to convert HEIC files to JPG, and this may be extra valid in the Windows world.


JPEG/JPG is the most popular file format used for images, and its widely incorporated across all photo viewers and image editors. Since HEIC is a much newer format in comparison, you may run into compatibility issues when you switch to non-Apple devices like your Windows computer. Although Microsoft added native support for HEIC files with the October 2018 Windows 10 update, some people are still facing issues viewing these files, and perhaps you’d want to share an HEIC file online with maximum compatibility. In such situations, you may want to convert these HEIC files to JPG, so let’s take a look at how to do this on a Windows PC.


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