How to Find How Many CPU Cores a Mac Has

  • 25 May 2023
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by: Paul Horowitz


Knowing the number of CPU cores a particular Mac has can be useful for performance optimization, stress testing, compatibility, and to otherwise make informed decisions about system performance on a Mac. For example, maybe you want to make sure you have multiple cores available to run a virtual machine, or you want to spawn a number of processes that is equivalent to the number of cores on a Mac for a stress test.

We’ll show you several ways to determine how many CPU cores a Mac computer has, including finding this information from the GUI, and from the command line, and breaking down the CPU core count for performance cores versus efficiency cores on Apple Silicon hardware.


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1 reply

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Good article, useful to have as the initial ‘About This Mac’ which just tell you which chip you have and certainly for the silicon Macs it wont give you any info on processors apart from Apple M1 or M2.