How to Import Passwords to iCloud Keychain Using a Mac

  • 22 July 2022
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Are you planning to use iCloud Keychain for managing all your passwords? If you’ve been relying on a third-party password manager until now, you may want to move all your existing passwords to make the migration to iCloud Keychain a whole lot easier. This can be done, although it’s not exactly simple.


The iCloud Keychain works seamlessly across Apple devices. Considering they’ve now added support for Windows devices too via a browser extension, a lot more users may be interested in using it rather than a third-party option like LastPass or DashLane that requires you to pay to unlock all the features. Importing existing passwords to the iCloud Keychain has always always been a headache, but with macOS Big Sur onward, Safari gives you an easier workaround.

Don’t want to start from scratch with iCloud Keychain? We got you covered. Simply read along, as we’ll be guiding you on how to import passwords to iCloud Keychain via Safari.


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1 reply

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Great article and certainly useful for mac users to encourage better password management