How to Install Homebrew on MacOS Ventura

  • 28 December 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz

HomeBrew, the command line package manager, has native support for macOS Ventura 13, so if you have recently updated to macOS Ventura or bought a new Mac with Ventura preinstalled, you’ll probably want to install Homebrew on the Mac running Ventura. Like most command line tools, HomeBrew is intended for advanced users that like to have a broad range of command line utilities available to them, this is really not something an average user needs to bother with.


If you’re already familiar with installing Homebrew on a Mac then you’ll find this process to be something you’ve done before. However, it’s worth noting the install script URL has changed, so if you’re using an older one it will not work anymore as they changed the ‘master’ nomenclature to ‘HEAD’ in the URL and elsewhere.


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1 reply

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Thanks for the article.

haven’t had to set it up on Ventura yet. But Homebrew setup also changed from intel to Apple silicon macs which caught me out when trying to set that up earlier in the year.