How to Schedule Fake Incoming Calls on iPhone

  • 10 February 2023
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by: Hamlin Rozario


How often have you been in conversations that you didn’t want to be a part of, on a bad date, or in some other undesirable situation? Sometimes you want to avoid a conversation or experience, but there isn’t an easy escape. In these uncomfortable moments, perhaps the easiest way to to this without making things awkward is by using your iPhone to stage a fake incoming call.

Phone calls are considered a very good excuse for getting out of an uncomfortable date or away from a conversation, so why not fake a phone call? While you can always try to arrange a phone call by texting someone to help you out, another approach is to use an app to fake a phone call to your iPhone. Let’s take a look at one such solution, which allows you to easily schedule fake incoming calls on an iPhone.


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2 replies

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OMG, I cannot believe this app is back. On my very first iPhone, and even on my very first iPod touch, we would use this to make it look like you got a call to get out of meetings, or out of a conversation that just ran too long. I think I put Steve Jobs as the name of the caller, since that is a call you have to take.  I’m off to download this again. Although….

This is not the same app I used in the past, and the one has a “VIP” in app purchase to remove annoying ads, which means it is annoying if you do not pay. And who set the VIP pricing on this: $1.99/month, $6.99/year, or $3.99 lifetime! Why would anyone buy a year if you can have lifetime for $3 less? Strange. 

I do like the app mentioned though as it has some cool features, including picking your ring tone (although they are all almost old style ring tones) and when you answer the fake call, they have a voice that “talks to you” which is cool. I do not get the phony wall paper they put up after you “hang up” on the call. It keeps you in the app with a phony home screen? Why? 

There are several other apps that do this for free. I believe all the free ones I used in the past are gone, and the free ones have ads, which are annoying.

There is just one catch though. Very embarrassing if while this app is running, a real call comes in and you get a “call while on a call” issue that just breaks the illusion. 

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Hmm, I've always been unsure about these sort of apps. Not sure I trust them and not really sure why I'd use them to be honest.

I think im too honest as a person to be able to act like I have a call when I don’t. I’d look too guilty!