How to Set Different Wallpaper for Home Screen & Lock Screen on iOS 16

  • 5 November 2022
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by: Jamie Cuevas

Want to set a different wallpaper for iPhone Home Screen than from the Lock Screen in iOS 16? You can do that, though how you set different wallpapers for the Home Screen and Lock Screen 

You may have noticed that when you set an image as your wallpaper in the latest iOS release, it defaults to setting that image as the same wallpaper for both your Lock Screen and Home Screen.


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2 replies

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There is one annoying “bug” on this. After I updated to iOS 14, my previous iOS13 wall papers (Home and Lock) were still showing as active. However,  I was unable to customize or duplicate it.  And sadly, one of my favorite type of Wallpapers, the motion ones no longer exist in iOS 14 (or at least I cannot find them), so I cannot recreate this combination to customize it. This was one of my favorite backgrounds for Home. The colors move and change and fade in and out. It was really cool. Not sure why the eliminated all the moving home screen wallpapers, unless they wanted to stop them using power because other things in iOS14 are power hungry. 



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Took a few plays to work this feature out and there are some good bits. I like the addition of widgets on the Lock Screen.