How to Setup Auto Pay for Apple Card

  • 24 November 2022
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 by: Jamie Cuevas

Apple Card is a fancy credit card that has some nice perks and cash-back bonuses, but it’s still a credit card, which means paying it on time is critical. For this reason, setting up auto-pay is convenient, and can guarantee that you’re not missing payments or getting unnecessary fees.

To avoid interest charges and accruing more debt, the best way to use a credit card is to auto-pay the balance in full at the end of the billing period, so that you never carry a balance that is then charged usury interest. 

If you have Apple Card, you may be interested in setting up auto-pay scheduled payments, and you’ll find it’s pretty easy to do though not particularly obvious within the Wallet app.


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1 reply

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Thanks for the article. Another ‘3 dot’ feature. I feel like it’s the main thing to tell Apple users now to look for the 3 dots.

not got an Apple Card myself despite being a huge Apple user since the 90’s. Anyone got one?