How to Stop Emails from Loading Remote Images in Mail for iPhone, iPad, & Mac

  • 25 November 2021
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Sometimes emails include formatting and images to make an email look better or more presentable, like an email newsletter. But did you know that some of those remotely loaded images can also serve as trackers that let the sender know the email was opened? If you were not aware of this, you’re certainly not alone. But, no worries, as we’ll help you prevent this in the future.


Many emails that you receive in your inbox may contain images or trackers in them. While most images are obvious, trackers are less so, and you won’t be able to see them in most cases as they’re typically hidden as a tracking pixel within a link or a signature image. If an email includes trackers, when you click on the email to view the message, the tracked data is sent to the person or company who added the tracker to the mail. This functions as a read receipt of sorts, letting the sender know the email was opened. To prevent this from happening on your Apple devices, you can change a particular setting that’s available for the stock Mail app.


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