How to Turn Off AirPlay on Mac

  • 20 December 2022
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by: Jamie Cuevas


If you’re on a Mac and and have used AirPlay to mirror your Mac screen to a TV or to another Mac, you may now be wondering how to disconnect and turn off AirPlay to stop the display extension or screen mirroring.

There are a few ways to turn off AirPlay on the Mac, we’ll show you the simplest methods. They work the same to disconnect AirPlay, whether you are screen mirroring, or extending the display.


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3 replies

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Useful to know the options as many users always look for an ‘off’ setting!

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I did not know there was more than one way. Thanks for the link to this article. 

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Always good to have more than one way to do something as often users navigate a GUI in a different way.

Im often seeing users click somewhere differently than I do to end up at the same point!