How to Turn Off Crash Detection on iPhone & Apple Watch

  • 10 December 2022
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by: Paul Horowitz


Some iPhone and Apple Watch users have noticed the Crash Detection feature of their device is inappropriately activating during activities that do not involve car accidents. For example, some users are finding the crash detection feature is activated on rollercoasters, when skiing or snowboarding, while mountain biking or road biking, long boarding, and many other physical activities that involve some degree of movement and speed with abrupt stops, pauses, or changes in direction.

Because Crash Detection will automatically call emergency services on your behalf, some users may wish to turn off this feature to prevent any misunderstanding or avoid tying up local emergency resources, or at least temporarily disable the feature while they’re participating in activities that involve speed with sudden stops.


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1 reply

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Must be scary to have this go off accidentally!

At the same time though, has to be thought out carefully when turning off any safety feature. And make sure you turn them back on when needed again!