HTC One Google Play Edition review: Stunning design, pristine Android, nothing fancy

  • 27 June 2013
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Though the HTC One is a stellar phone just as it is, I know that many Android purists would prefer that it shipped with Google’s stock OS while forsaking all of the fancy tricks and glitzy software that HTC layered upon it. Fortunately, with the new $599 HTC One Google Play Edition, that day is here.
Using the same hardware and design as the 32GB GSM HTC One model, this unlocked handset runs pure, sweet Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, the freshest version available. Even better, Google has pledged that the HTC One Google Play Edition qualifies as a true Nexus device, so it will be first in line for future updates. It all sounds like a dream come true, but there are trade-offs for pushing HTC Sense aside. For example you can kiss goodbye all of the standard HTC One’s slick camera features, such as Zoe Share, TV remote control, and BlinkFeed. If that’s a price you’re willing to pay for Android purity, though, besides a lot of cash up front, then this phone is worth a look.
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