I am new can someone help.A page popped up and locked my computer

  • 3 November 2013
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my computer had a page come up. it said FBI has locked your computer and if i get a green dot credit card (its a temp. card like the visa.gift card.)and pay 300.00 within 12 hours it will be unlocked otherwise i could face charges. i first ran webroot and my computer unlocked. i am a novice computer guy and did not go on any sites or use any language that is bad. does any one know if its real ?  their were no numbers to call just said to pay 300.00 fine.

2 replies

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Hello donandcarei and welcome to the Webroot Community!
What you saw is VERY real: real malware that is!   🙂  This has been a very common malware attack for quite a number of months and it has been through several revisions to try to keep ahead of software like Webroot... fortunately Webroot is a step ahead and as your computer is unlocked you should be just fine.  I would strongly reccomend that you do go ahead and run another full scan on the computer just to make sure, but chances are you are now clean and ready to go.
I have seen MANY complaints about this malware: it has caused a huge amount of expsense to people trying to get it removed.  It does not come from a 'bad' website as you think of it, but it can come from a lot of different places such as email.
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Were you able to get this taken care of?