Identity and Access Management's Role in Secure Cloud Collaboration

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By Joe Stanganelli  |  Posted July 01, 2014
Healthcare and life sciences organizations are some of the biggest users of Big Data today. The industry is already beginning to enter the exabyte age. Chris Gladwin, CEO of storage solutions company Cleversafe, announced in April that Cleversafe had acquired exabyte customers. The industry will likely begin using up zettabytes in less than 10 years
With this growth in data, two things have become extremely important to health and life sciences organizations: collaboration (including externalization) and the cloud. The two go hand in hand.
"If you're going to the cloud, are others going with you?" asked Sebastien Lefebvre, IT platform director of Research and Development for Biogen Idec, during at a presentation at the recent Bio-IT World Conference in Boston.  "If not, how will you [collaborate]?"

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