Incidence and usage of rogue antivirus software dropping

  • 25 August 2014
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August 22, 2014
Rogue antivirus software is a malware that pretends (and acts) like an antivirus software. However, in reality it simply downloads malicious software on your system and displays false detections of viruses on the computer. After displaying this, the rogue antivirus software scares and convinces users into paying fees to clean these ‘detections’. With such tactics to trap users, rogue softwares have been an indivisible part of malware ecosystem. Some of such fraud antivirus softwares are the Win32/FakeRean and Win32/SpySheriff that are active since 2007 and still making revenue.
However, Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center’s recent study shows that the usage of the rogue antivirus software is dropping significantly. The graph below is the result of this study that shows the overall trend of rogue antivirus software family for last one year (Aug’13 to Aug ’14).
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