Is it dangerous to let a company get into my computer?

  • 7 December 2020
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I let Restoro get into my computer yesterday.  They said I had over 1270 error and warning messges, a Trojan Horse and Malicious Malware.  They said I had to pay more than the $29.75 to have all the problems removed.  I’m worried I should not have had them in my computer.  Can they steal my identity?


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8 replies

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Hello @Tstimms 


Do you have Webroot SecureAnywhere installed? If so you do have free support if unknown malware is involved at anytime so no need to use another service and I don’t know if Restoro can be trusted but Webroot can!




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I second TripleHekix’s answer. 

However, the answer to your question is almost always yes, unless you know the company and trust them.  If they reached out you you, do not give them access. I know of no legitimate company that will call you to report a computer problem on your machine? How would they know? They do that to gain access and then steal passwords and private info. Until you can scan your machine and be sure it is virus and malware free, I would limit you use and not enter any credit card info or login to any critical sites like banks, brokers, etc. Assume you are now being monitored and stay safe.

If you have Webroot run a full scan immediately to look for viruses and malware.  If not, what was said above is correct, you can trust Webroot. Contact them to get the software installed and run a scan. They can help here and can be trusted. 

One more thought. If you gave your credit card to that company, you might want to check it for bogus charges. Also, AFTER your machine is determined clean, immediately change any passwords you gave out, or passwords for websites you have visited since talking to that company. 

Good kuck


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I think the one thing anyone should be aware of is… If anyone just calls up to tell you they have detected errors on a computer systems of yours.. you know it’s a scam straight away. As for a legitimate software company… If you call them, then the chances are that they will need remote access to your computer… But again, use common sense.

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I would never let anyone or any company into my computer unattended or unanounced.

And even if they need access, then check the software they want to use. If possible, try view only mode first.


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Do you know the company? You should always supervise any activity being carried out on your machine by a remote session even if you do know them.

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I always think if someone came to my door telling me I had infestations in my walls and they needed to go in every room of my house to check, would I let them in.

Legitimate IT support people are too busy to ring random people offering services.

Once someone’s in to your machine you have a heap of trouble.  You then need a professional to check it over as many things can have been set up to steal data, passwords and keypresses.

I hope not too much damage has been done .



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I think they were more interested in stealing your $30 (and coming back later for another $30) than all of you info.   However, once connected, there’s nothing stopping them from running a script to download whatever they want.  Better to have your system checked now by real technicians in case they left something behind.

I have webroot installed.  Somehow I stumbled upon Restore while on the internet.  I called them to get my personal I.d. set up.  The rest is history.    I got rude with them towards the end becuase they kept trying to talk me into spending more mony.  I finally said that is it.  No more.  I then had the Geek squad go through my computer and they cleared a lot of the issues Retore had said would cost me a lot of money to take care of.

Thanks all of you for your comments.