Is your security question actually secure?

  • 20 November 2013
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(source: compurocketusa/BusinessGhana)
Internet crooks use personal information to guess your passwords or use them for password resets. 
Many of the common security questions (mother's maiden name, where you were born, name of your high school mascott, etc.) are already on your social networks and are publicly available.
It is in your best interest to keep your personal information and loved one's (including relatives and pets) names off of the internet and off of public areas. 
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1 reply

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Hi Mike
Good advice...but there is another option.  Use made up names for your Mother's Maiden Name, Pet's name, etc.  After all their is no validated right answer to the question.  Your Mother's Maiden Name may be 'Jones' but if you set it as 'Thomas' then the latter is the 'right' answer and no one can divine the answer to the security question, i.e., you don't have to answer it truthfully just need to remember the lie. ;)
Just another approach, and you can then be as open as you want on social media.
But seriously, what ever is set as the answer needs to be kept private...I have seen people write that information down on pads on 'hot desk' and not bother to clear that when leaving. :S