Lan over powerline or wireless adapter?

  • 14 January 2014
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Hey everyone!
I have a gigabit router and download speeds of 100Mbps (on a wired connection). I have a desktop that is 50 feet to the left and then one story higher than the router. I know I can't expect a full 100 down speed without being directly wired to the router, but which of these would give me a faster speed? The powerline adapter where one is plugged into the wall and router, and the second one is plugged into the wall and computer; or just a USB wireless N adapter?
Thanks :D

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8 replies

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Hi Shran
Have tried both approaches and have found that the best one for me/in my circumstances is in fact a wireless powerline extender, i.e., same as the powerline adapter but you do not need two (one plugged into the wall and router, and a second  plugged into the wall and computer), as it does not use the ring main to transmit the signal but rather just is plugged in to power itself, and it just capture the signal from your router & boosts/extends the you plug it in midway betwween the router and the out of range computer/computer that is receiving a poor WiFi signal currently.
One of the reason I like this approach is because compared to a USB key device it is mains powered and so tends to have better range, and in the case of the powerline adapter using the ring main to send the signal...well, if you have HiFi in some circumstances it can cause the ring main to broadcast RF interference which can really screw up an FM tuner's reception for one...and as you may  have gathered I am a HiFi nerd...too.;)
Hope that helps?
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Hi Baldrick :D

Thanks for the advice 😃. The computer in question though is a desktop pc, and the wireless adapter isn't certified N (the computer is an old HP "grand canyon"). It's only b/g certified. So it's not that I don't get a good signal, in fact I recieve a pretty good signal strength, it's just that the adapter is extremely slow. So even with a range extender like that I still need a USB antennae for the computer itself. For now I've purchased a Netgear N300 antennae and it seems to be working well (only get around 12 down as a low average, but that's pretty decent considering it is wireless and how far away I am from the router). Would a range booster like you talked about increase the download speed any?

Thanks for your help :D
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I use the powerline adapters I had enough with Wireless adapters, got sick of random disconnects, signal issues. The powerline adapters are faster and more reliable.
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Thanks Rakanisheu :D

I'm going to go ahead and send you a PM with the link to one of the products if you don't mind? I don't want to post it here since third party links are against the guidelines.

Thank you both
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No problem fire me a PM and I`ll take a look. They are very cheap now a days and even the slowest ones are good enough for HD streaming.
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Thanks 😃
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Look up linus tech tips on youtube, he tested this and the powerline is by far faster
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I've had good luck with Amped Wireless and Cisco Meraki gear.

I have some reviews on my blog if you want to check them out. I review routers a lot.

I also have some netgear homeplugs and amped ones as well both have been good too. Thing is those peak out at 8Mbytes/sec and I get 24Mbytes/sec with my Amped RTA15 and the 802.11ac usb adapter ACA1.