Latest Windows 8.1 build beefs up IE developer tools

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Developers who need to peek at the code behind Web pages in Internet Explorer will find more robust tools in Windows 8.1.
A leak of Windows 8.1 Build 9385 reveals an overhaul to the developer panel in IE. Pressing F12 in any current version of Internet Explorer displays a panel that allows you to examine the HTML and CSS code, scripts, and many other elements. Developers can use this feature to analyze the code behind third-party Web sites or to troubleshoot problems with their own Web pages.
Windows 8.1 has upped Microsoft's browser to Internet Explorer 11, which appears to show a slicker and friendlier flavor of the developer panel, which has remained unchanged for the past several years. A video of Build 9385 posted by Bavogames, a tech-focused channel on YouTube, shows the panel as easier to navigate and the code and other elements as easier to modify.
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