MacOS Ventura Compatible Mac List

  • 23 June 2022
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Wondering if your Mac can support running MacOS Ventura? If you’re interested in checking out the next generation MacOS 13 version, you’ll certainly want to check the compatible Macs list.

You’ll find the list of compatible Macs with macOS Ventura (MacOS 13) is much more strict than prior Macintosh operating system versions, so if you’re thinking of running the betas or even the final version when it’s available this fall, you’ll want to check to see if your hardware is covered in the first place.


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2 replies

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Looks like I can’t upgrade to macOS Ventura.  Oh Well, I’ll stay where I’m at with Catalina. Running fast without any problems. I’ll buy a new iMac if or when I win the Lotto. ROFL


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My 2017 MacBook Pro might sneak in but from past experience when you're Mac JUST fits the supported list it’s usually not the best idea to upgrade. So I'll have to ask my boss for an upgrade and hope!