Microsoft ahead of BlackBerry, Android mobile platforms still reigns

  • 17 May 2013
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Android operating systems remains the leader among mobile OS. In the first quarter, Google's platform have been run on three out of every four sales of smartphones. The number of Android devices increased by more than 80% to 162 million distributed copies. iOS follows with a large distance of 17% share, the other platforms do not have together 10% of the market. It is clear from the latest analysis of IDC company.
The largest annual increase of 133%, however, has seen Microsoft's platform. The number of activated Windows Phone devices increased from three to seven million and Microsoft deposed from the third place Canadian BlackBerry. Customers during the first quarter were looking for the path to the new BlackBerry cross-platform 10, the number of sold equipment with blackberry in the logo, therefore, compared with the same period of last year, decreased by roughly one-third to 6.3 million.
Samsung retains the dominance within the operating system Android. According to the IDC Samsung has a percentage of 41.1% from all manufacturers of devices from Google. For Microsoft has been even more pronounced dominance of Nokia. Almost eighty percent of the Smartphones with the Windows Phone is Finnish, the rest of the participating brands will fit up to 20%. Swan song with a million distributed devices plays for Symbian.
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Now that the new Blackberry OS and phones are out, it will be interesting to see how they perform in the second quarter.  This will be the test as to whether Blackberry can survive, or if they will end up going belly up I think.