Microsoft’s Gov Maharaj gently denounced CCleaner

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October 9, 2015  By Vamien McKalin
Recently, Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj was troubleshooting problems for Windows users via The Defrag Show on Microsoft’s Channel 9 website.
He was attempting to help a person who had issues upgrading his computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 – and had booting problems, so he was suggesting the software and drivers the user should remove from his computer before trying the upgrade process again.
Maharaj began to list the programs, and when he reached CCleaner, it was clear from his tone that there’s no love for this program at all.
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Well, trouble shooter or far as I am concerned CCleaner is solid and has NEVER let me down.  I suspect that he actually does not like it as it cramps his style and resolves some issues that he would otherwise resolve himself so garnering more kudos/enhancing his 'extraordinaire' status...LOL.
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I could not agree more Baldrick.
CCleaner has stood the test of time and passed with flying colours and I don't think a few words from him will  make much of a difference to its popularity.
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I am currently trialling their new cloud-based maintenance oferring and so far it has proved to be rock solid and safe.
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I agree with you 100% Jasper, I have CCleaner installed on my pc and love it. Gov Maharaj is smoking the wrong end for sure. CCleaner is tested and proved.
I too have been using Ccleaner for well over a decade and have never had any problems. While I always still make backups of the registry before cleaning, I've never had a reason to revert back to them.
Go Cubbies!!!
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Well i might as well jump in here...I've used CCleaner for over a decade myself and agree I've never had any issues with it!  ;)
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Well just to add my 2c I'd say that I find CCleaner a handy tool to have available, but it must be used carefully and judiciously, and there has been much previous debate about the use of such apps, and don't remember anyone Microsoft-connected ever advise using these tools, and maybe they are trying to dissuade non-savvy users from using them incorrectly, which is understandable.  
 Here are examples of  opinions  previously expressed in the Community. 
p.s. Not sure that Daniel would use, or recommend its use?
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Just a add on to what I've already said. I starting using CCleaner with Windows 7 and now with Windows 10 never had a problem yet CCleaner runs flawless IMHO
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While I am not a dedicated daily user of CCleaner, I do use it here and there... Never had a problem with it and I have never once heard of a problem from any of my myriads of friends who do use it.
I have a pretty high amount of distrust of almost all system tools that 'clean out' the computer... so very many of them DO cause problems, are spamware, adware, etc etc.  But CCleaner is one of the few I trust.
Yes. Good point, David. Many cleaners do more harm than good. I personally like the way CCleaner cleans up the remnants left after uninstalling a program.
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I personally have never found it particularly efficacious at remnant removal amd prefer to trust that to the like of Revo (as a specialist app in that domain) but as a general cleaning app...if used judiciously (and with one eye on what is proposed for removal...always run 'Analysis' BEFORE running 'Clean') it does a great job.
Definitively one of the 2 or 3 of the best out there.
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Solly I use Revo and its a excellent piece of software, also have
CClearner on my PC. Both compliant one another and as you stated keep
one eye open as to what is being deleted and of course make a back up
prior to uninstalling or cleaning.