Microsoft snaps up mobile analytics provider Capptain

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Microsoft Snaps Up Mobile Analytics Provider Capptain
by Pedro Hernandez
A brief summary: Microsoft is adding Capptain's tech to its Azure cloud services suite to help businesses boost mobile app engagement.

Microsoft announced today that it had acquired Capptain, a Paris-based mobile analytics specialist, for an unspecified sum. Aimed at marketers, Capptain's platform analyzes the behavior of mobile app users, segments those users, and pushes targeted and timely messages to foster greater levels of engagement and provide better customer service.
Real-time geofencing support allows customers to target users within a certain area. Organizations can further segment their user base according to device type, network connection type, app version and several other criteria.
Messages can be delivered using a mobile device's built-in system notification scheme. Alternately, it can deliver in-app or in-site notifications using the company's PUSH platform, which Capptain claims bypasses "Apple, Google or Microsoft's servers" for high-speed message delivery.
The company's Website claims that the tech "combines both into a powerful and real-time tool that reacts to user behavior in milliseconds to deliver the right message at the right time, creating engagement, and the feeling of being taken care of."
Microsoft has bigger plans for Capptain.
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