Microsoft to shut down TechNet subscription service

  • 2 July 2013
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This is sad news as before I was a Microsoft MVP I had a sub and it was at a resonable price now it looks Like MSDN is the only way but I do hope they lower the prices for the average user. :(
 Summary: One of the best software deals around is about to be retired. Microsoft announced today that after 15 years it will shut down its TechNet subscriptions service in 60 days. Microsoft has other, similar programs, but none are as generous as TechNet.
 Good night, TechNet.
The online Technet blogs and customer support forums will live on, but Microsoft announced today in a letter to subscribers that it plans to retire its venerable TechNet subscriptions service. New subscriptions will no longer be available after August 31, 2013, and the subscription service will shut down as current subscribers' contracts end.
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6 replies

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That's not good news - first Google Reader, now this?
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I agree Daniel. That was one of the highlights of my MVP award and I got some good programs via that, it is a real shame they think they need to close it. 😞
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My question would be........... why is it shutting down????  Low profits????  Or a new service at a higher cost??:S
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Well, that sucks!
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Hey guys... it looks like there is a petition that has been made asking Microsoft to Create an affordable MSDN subscription comparable to TechNet
I don't know if it will do any good, but Microsoft did recently cave in to consumer opinion on the format of the upcoming XBox 1.  ;)