Microsoft will forcibly remove Internet Explorer from most Windows 10 PCs today

  • 14 February 2023
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Internet Explorer dies another of its countless small deaths.



Internet Explorer 11 was never Windows 10's primary browser—that would be the old, pre-Chromium version of Microsoft Edge. But IE did continue to ship with Windows 10 for compatibility reasons, and IE11 remained installed and accessible in most versions of Windows 10 even after security updates for the browser ended in June of 2022. That ends today, as Microsoft's support documentation says that a Microsoft Edge browser update will fully disable Internet Explorer in most versions of Windows 10, redirecting users to Edge.

Edge will "automatically" transfer over bookmarks and other browsing data from IE and display a dialogue box letting users know what has happened so that the last few people using Internet Explorer out of habit, ignorance, or spite will be fully aware of what's going on. Clicking any IE icon or attempting to launch it from the Start or Run menus will automatically open Edge instead.

Microsoft never shipped any version of Internet Explorer in Windows 11, so nothing will change if you're already running Microsoft's latest OS.


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3 replies

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It’s still there in Program Files and in Program files (x86) but clicking on the executable it opens Microsoft Edge. If there going to remove the dam thing remove all of it!

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Surprising. Explorer is so ingrained into much of the code base, I am curious as to just how the will remove it without breaking the system? Or maybe just the app part of IE will be pulled out and the roots of the beast will remain as they are still used. In any case, I find this disturbing that they can reach into my machine and just yank out an application like that. 

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You’re probably right that it might just be the gui app that disappears and the underlying code remains