need help desperatly..someone really good is hacking my phone

  • 27 February 2014
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I'm not dumb but I'm. Not a programmer by any means...this person accessed my phone..mine and my wifes emails..he went into the phones program..took over and made it where he has totall control he can access anything...I can factory reset soon as I turn it back on. He resets it to his prefferances. I delete apps and a minute later its back...has gone so far as to make it so when someone calls..texts .emails gets re routed elsewhere...and much more ..please help....thank you

2 replies

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Hello rosye and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

The best thing to do is call your Phone provider right away also change email account passwords on a PC or Mac don't do it using your phone. I assume you have Webroot SecureAnywhere on your phone? If you do please Submit a Support Ticket so they can look at scan logs and help you.
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When you say you factory reset it and as soon as you turn it back on he resets it to his preferences could you go into a little more detail:
Does the phone power up and immediately have the same configuration it had prior to the factory reset?
Does it come back up and function normally until you start reinstalling your apps?
Does the phone settings/configuration change after some time with out you reinstalling any apps?
IMO your best COA is to call your phone company (NOT from this phone) change all your account security credentials, log into your phone account and change your password/email (make a new email account assume the ones you have are compromised) again do this from some other device.Take the phone to your carrier's store and have them reflash it with new ROM, (not factory reset the phone for you) which may require it being sent out for service. Or use this as an excuse to buy a cooler new phone. Personally I'd go with option 2 😉