Next Xbox 'always' on? #dealwithit

  • 5 April 2013
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*Update: A short while after this Tweet caused quite a stir,  Mr. Orth joined the ranks of former Microsoft employees.*
If you've been following all the different rumors going around about Microsoft's next Xbox, you'll know that the two most-talked about ones are the possible elimination of used games and the NextBox will require an active internet connection. About two months ago, I posted the latest on these rumors, the first of which was quickly bashed by Gamestop, saying that demand for Microsoft's next console would significantly diminish if the tech-giant does decide to pull the plug on used games (still nothing concrete at this point). But what about the second, 'always connected' rumor?
According to an article on ARS Technica from earlier today, this rumor may in fact become a reality. Yesterday, Microsoft Studios Creative Director Adam Orth tweeted on the matter yesterday (posts are now protected, but can were screengrabbed so you can check them out in the aforementioned article), more or less hinting that the next Xbox will need that active connection, despite clearly stating that this was his own opinion rather than the company's. Amidst some tweets that dissed rural areas without reliable connections, here's the tweet that stood out (and is the cause of much of the controversy):

(Source: Twitter/ARS Techinca)

2 replies

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Well, as one of the ones who live in a rural area in which reliable high speed internet is questionable at times, I can say this is a deal buster for me. 
As a parent of an autistic 12 year old, I can say this is a deal buster for me.  We simply will not have a game console in our home that requires "always on" internet.
As someone who lives on a more limited budget than some of you, the no used games is also a deal buster for me.  My son can get bored with games very quickly and it simply is not beneficial to purchase new games much of the time. 
All in all... the chances of one of the NextBoxes being in my home are little to none.
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I really hope this is BS and not true... my lil bro will jump to PS4 if this happens... they have centurylink and it sucks... they get 0.6Mbps on a good day and it always cuts out. they live out in the middle of nowhere with a 3/4ths mile driveway.