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  • 22 January 2013
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Over the weekend, I worked on a friends computer who was using a major brand not-Webroot security program. After a few minutes working with this, I figured I would see how well their tech support was. I initiated a chat session which turned into a remote support session. After watching dufus click the same buttons over and over again not related to the problem I was having, I finally asked if he would like for me to show him the error. I did, and received the error. I guess he was not paying attention as he asked for me to do it again. I did. Same error result. He put me on hold for about 10 minutes then proceeded to click on the same buttons that he did the first time. He put me on hold again. Now as we approached one hour into the session he came back he stated that it was the way it's security features were designed!
Moral of the story: Webroot tech support beats the socks off of not-Webroot software!!!
And my fried, well he is doing a trial of Webroot. I am sure he will be a paying customer soon.

2 replies

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What a great story, cohbraz!
Thank you so much bringing your friend to the future of security, we do appreciate it. ;)
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I am not so surprised to hear this story because if you're used to the best ever support on the earth everyone else will seem terrible because Webrrot support has no competition even though I have certain objections to Webroot support and especially to their ticket system without a decent bug tracking system I have to honestly admit that they are still by far the best. That's not exaggerated statement, it's simply true.