Opera 32 adds password sync, improved bookmarks view

  • 15 September 2015
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By Nick Peers   15th September 2015
Opera Software has unveiled Opera 32 FINAL, a new release of its desktop browser for Windows, Mac and Linux, with an Android update due to follow.
Version 32 is another build light on major new features, with the company keen to promote its recent acquisition of the SurfEasy VPN service. What has been added is password sync, a new view for bookmarks and support for animated background themes.
 Opera has used this new release to advertise its recent acquisition of SurfEasy, a VPN service that includes a free package with a 500MB monthly transfer limit (unlimited packages cost $3.99/mo for desktop, and $2.49/mo for mobile). The company hints at plans to incorporate SurfEasy features into future versions of the browser, but for now this is limited to promoting the new product within Opera itself: the advert can be found under Settings > Privacy & Security or in a new Private Browsing window.
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