Owner Hacks His Tesla Model S Car, Installs Firefox, and Finds That It Runs Ubuntu

  • 11 April 2014
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Tesla Motors, the company that is building the successful electric car Tesla Model S, is using Ubuntu to power its displays and is looking for designers.

Tesla Motors has made a name for itself with its insane performance electric cars. When most of the auto manufacturers are looking to build small electric cars, the American company is building an electric sports car that looks amazing and handles like a dream.

To top it all off, it seems that its latest car, Tesla Model S, is using Ubuntu for the infotainment displays, and the company is looking for some talented designers that will make the system much more attractive.

Tesla has already implemented a huge array of electronics in the car, and the huge 17-inch central console display is just the tip of the iceberg. It's most likely the most advanced car in terms of electronics and comes with HD radio, online radio, on-demand Internet radio, USB & Bluetooth connectivity, Google Maps with live traffic information, Internet browser, electronic car system controls, full HD backup camera, and phone.
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If they were smart they'd support user access.  It would make it the car to have for nerds.