Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage/Technology

  • 2 June 2013
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Cloud Technology though still in its infancy is the direction to go in the future. Webroot has grabbed the bull by the horns and has implement this technology. Now for some of the pro's and cons.
Maximizing the IT services
2 Sharing the large volumes of data and better access to data for large number of users
3 better security and safety of data (against cyber attacks)
1 Cloud does not work if there is no connectivity to internet
2 Clouds are targets of more sophisticated cyber attacks
These are some of the points that come to mine.
What are your thoughts on this and what can you can to this?

1 reply

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I am pretty well sold on Cloud technology when it comes to anti-malware like Webroot.  The program has robust heuristics that keep track of things while the internet is not connected.
When it comes to storing my own data, I am still a bit more hesitant.  When I need my data, I need it right now, not when the internet or cloud servers decide to be nice.  The point about attack on cloud data servers is also quite valid and a concern of mine.  That being said, I am using cloud data storage for non-critical files, and am still evaluating what I think about it.