Semi-necropost - 64-bit Webroot

  • 29 October 2019
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I googled ‘webroot 64-bit’ and found answers relating to the fact that the WSA drivers are native 64-bit but that the UI and management tools are 32-bit because the developers couldn’t think of a reason why they should make a 64-bit version.

I’m necroposting to say there is a reason - 32-bit (WoW) support is an optional extra. When hardening a server, (especially something like a domain controller,) being able to remove 32-bit support would be a security win.

Yes, I am aware that there are *other* dependencies on WoW, but that could be because they’re using the same excuse (well, antivirus products require 32-bit support -> so you can’t disable it easily -> so few people do → so I’m not coding it.)

I’m old enough to remember the 16-to-32 bit era, and antivirus vendors were one of the last holdouts that made that jump take forever. Don’t be part of the chain holding us back from being able to run fully 64-bit native.

Also, right now, disabling 32-bit support would also disable a lot of malware that uses 32-bit code.

Just a thought I wanted to leave you with. :)

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