Should you leave your computer and printer on all the time?

  • 6 November 2014
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I have operated  computers for the last 15 years, and used to always turn them off when not in use. How ever, as the years went by I have found that leaving them on except when there is a thunder storm, or when going on a vacation works best for me. When doing a cold start, computers are like an electrical motor, it puts a power surge on them at startup, and its less wear and strain on them running all the time. Like one persons comment, it seems that computer problems are more likely to happen on a startup, then any other time. To leave a computer on, or turn them off has long been a debate, and there will be many who will turn them off to save energy, or because it just doesn't seem right leaving something running all the time, but that doesn't mean its best for the computer.  
I worked at HP in Rohnert Park, CA and our entire floor......60 or so of us left out computers on 24/7.  Engineering told us everything would last longer.  Starting up and Shutting down is what causes most of the wear.
Have things changed since then?  I don't know......but that was the it was.
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Should you leave your computer and printer on all the time? Some people say that this is how you important updates, especially from MS. Others recommend to turn them off, because you can get malware. What's the scoop? Wondering
i am happy to say that also shuts off if idle for to long :manlol:
I leave both on most of the time.  I sold electronics for many years, and usually reminded people that light bulbs usually blow when you turn them on, because of the power surge.  Power supplies and hard drives are no different.  And with today's Energy Star computers the electical usage is minimal.
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If I understood what that meant I'd give you a kudo.  On or off?
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Hi MaryMR
Personally, I would leave a computer on, once you have logged on for the first time in the day, until one goes to bed. This is especially the case if one has power settings set to put the system to sleep after a set period on no activity.
In terms of printers, I tend to switch them on when I need to print something and then switch them off directly afterwards...but that is my preference.
I have done the above for years and never detected any downside of problems caused by acting as such.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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Thank you; it does help and will be my practice as my gamers laptop does go to sleep, then off, by itself.
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Hi MaryMR
No worries...happy to help. :D
Regards, Baldrick