Sony Xperia Z Ultra: one phablet to rule them all (hands-on)

  • 27 June 2013
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Sony's latest smartphone, an LTE-capable phablet rocking a massive 6.44-inch screen, is a powerful addition to the Xperia family. It's not only the first smartphone from Sony Mobile to pack Qualcomm's top-of-the-line Snapdragon 800 processor, it's also the biggest handset from the company.
It looks like Samsung will have to do a lot more to make its upcoming Galaxy Note 3 stand out from the crowd, given that Sony has set a very high benchmark with the Xperia Z Ultra. Else the Korean chaebol may risk losing its leadership position in the phablet space which has become increasingly competitive in the recent months.
The Xperia Z Ultra is expected to launch globally in Q3. It will available in three colors: black, white and purple.
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