Spear Phishing: Explanation, Examples and Protection

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Posted by AnandK@TWC on May 25, 2016
I came across this article and found it useful so I thought I would share it.
"You already know about Phishing: the process of putting in some bait and waiting for someone to divulge his/her personal information. Phishing comes in many flavors like Tabnabbing, Tabjacking, Vishing and Smishing. But there is yet another type and that is Spear Phishing.
You may have already come across Spear Phishing. When using this technique, cyber criminals send you a message from an entity that you know. The message asks you for your personal and/or financial information. Since it appears originating from a known entity, you just reply without a second thought."
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This is a very informative and very interesting article Baldrick. I am sure this will help others a whole lot!:D
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Thank you Baldrick, great article.