Spring Break Security Tip #3: Back Up Everything

  • 20 March 2012
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Back up everything on any device you intend to bring
Laptops aren’t the only data-rich devices we carry around anymore. Increasingly, we’re carrying sensitive data on our MP3 players, portable hard drives and thumbdrives, and smartphones (and the tiny memory cards inside of them), simply because it’s convenient to do so.
Don’t wait until disaster strikes and you realize you’ve left your iPhone in a taxi in another state (or worse, another country). Back up everything, as if you might never see the device again, before you hit the road.
You should also password protect your devices. If you have a laptop, set up a login to access your desktop. If you have a mobile device, set up your access code. It may also be a good idea to install an app that remotely wipes your data—just in case your device grows legs and wanders off.

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