Stable Diffusion in your pocket? “Draw Things” brings AI images to iPhone

  • 11 November 2022
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It's not fast, but it's free—and it runs locally on pocket-sized hardware.

BENJ EDWARDS - 11/11/2022, 1:13 AM


Introduced in August, Stable Diffusion (SD) is an AI image generator model that creates novel images from text descriptions (called "prompts"). Typically, people run SD through the commercial DreamStudio service, on a remote cloud machine with rented compute time, or locally on a PC using a custom open source implementation. When running locally, SD requires a fairly beefy GPU to generate images quickly, but some developers optimized the model to run on older GPUs with less VRAM (if you don't mind waiting longer to see results).

In the same vein, Liu Liu has managed to optimize Stable Diffusion to run on the iPhone, a somewhat difficult process that the developer described in a blog post. "The main challenge is to run the app on the 6GiB RAM iPhone devices," Liu Liu writes. "6GiB sounds a lot, but iOS will start to kill your app if you use more than 2.8GiB on a 6GiB device, and more than 2GiB on a 4GiB device."


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No exactly free.  

They have two apps on the app store, AI Art Generator and FARBA. Both are free to download, but both have in-app purchases for a monthly subscription to actually do anything.. $9.99 a month for AI Generator, and $5.99 a month (or $2.99 a week) for Farba premium.

On Farba, without a subscription, you can’t do much. They do give a few free credits to try it out though.
AI Art Generator has a Premium upgrade. Opting out gives you the ability to do some things for free, but I am not sure of how long. 

It is very cool software though.