Team rebuilding world's first website

  • 25 June 2013
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This is a very interesting read on web sites which started 20  years ago. You can view pages from 20 years at the source of this articles.
Source Here:
CNN) -- Twenty years ago, a team of researchers shared the Webwith the world. Now they want to show a generation that grew up onlinewhat it was like in its earliest days.
 Cern  is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the date it released, for free, the technology and software needed to run a Web server.
In honor of the anniversary, a team has been assembled to recreate a working version of the first website, a how-to guide hosted by the project's creators.
The organization issued a statement on April 30, 1993, that announced the release ofthat Web to the public.
British physicist Tim Berners-Lee created and named the Web (also commonly called "W3" for short in those days) in 1989 at CERN. Originally, it was designed as a way for scientists at different universities and other institutes to share information.
"Vague, but exciting," Berners-Lee's supervisor wrote on the cover of a proposal while greenlighting the project.
Here is one of the pics from the web site 20 years ago.

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