Uninstalled CHROME Browser & Re-Installed 5x, but WR-Password Adviser tool wouldn't re-install~

  • 14 December 2012
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About two weeks ago, I suddenly had problems on one of my computers with the CHROME Browser NOT opening up on screen, but it would 'FLY' off the Monitor-Screen on the right-side into oblivion. Couldn't see it, so couldn't 'grab' it to bring it back. Then, the ICON would also LOCK onto the bottom TASK BAR, too. [Only thing I could do was ~Right-CLICK & Close.] I read tons of postings on Google Forums & none were of any help. I also created TWO detailed postings in two forums & waited for Google HELP. ~NONE were forthcoming.
Finally, I Uninstalled CHROME at least 5 times & ran every single 'PC Maintenance tool' I could find in my PCDoctors1st Tool KIT.  It was clean of anything malicious or of any O/S corruptions. WR Password Advistor Tool was working fine in CHROME before, but after I finally got the 'Fresh' Version of CHROME issue solved & running smoothly again, I couldn't get WR-PW-Advisor Tool to appear in it. This problem was easily & swiftly solved tonight with ease by your SUPER-Advice from your 'Globally-BEST'~ Tech-Support TEAM.
Simply, all you need to do is: uninstall the OLD-[or current] WR & INSTALL a 'Fresh', NEW WR. That took care of my problem instantly. Others may have run across this issue at some point in time, so feel free to offer this testimony if needed.
~Thanks again & Over'N'Out 4-Now, SeaHAG~
[FYI: My HP Pavilion Desktop, W7-Ultimate, 8 GigsRam, Terabyte HD, & an ample supply of fresh & useful, software maintenance tools]

1 reply

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Hey SeaHag,
I see that you also posted on Facebook and I just wanted to thank you again for the great testimonial! I appreciate that you took the time out to tell your story and I happily passed it along to our support team, who is always glad to hear that they were able to help out and get a customer's computer issue resolved!
By the way, welcome to the Webroot Community. 😃 The forum is a great place to get answers so please feel free to post away if you ever have any questions, want to comment on a security news story, introduce yourself to the Community members, etc! In addition to the moderators and admins, we have some very knowledgeable users and SecureAnywhere fans who are really great resources and who are always more than happy to reply to your questions/comments!